Sunday, December 11, 2016

My Experience of Multi-Level-Marketing on Facebook

Internet is the main source of creating money online but what If there are fraudulent company promising you be a part of them and you earn higher than you expected.In this blog you can find read my experience  about my past on joining so-called MLM Company.

FIRST EXPERIENCE OF USO99:It started when I was grade 7 at that time having curious about making money online.Only I have a little money Php100.One day I decided to joined a facebook group advertisement,there are a lots of ads have been posted for a minute so I scrolled down I was thinking about be a MLM member as a part time because as what I have had heard before you can make money easily that's what I thought.Luckily,I found out MLM Company that suits for me I have only Php100 budget for investing it was a good start.I have chat the member of the company and we've chatting together to get know each other on how to earn money just on facebook. He introduced me there compensation plan about a ways to earn money.He said to me that every one can earn up to Php 2,000 every month when you are dedicated and working hard you will earn that amount as expected.Next day,I decided to go to the near local payment to pay the company for being a part of continuation.He give me the link and the code which I copied the code to the site and I sign-up the form successfully.I proceeded to the next step is to advertise the company and have some invites either on your left or right.It was 1 week ago I never still have no invites in my account under me.I've been posting promotional ads to every group on Facebook to have some clients to join on me and be under on my tree plan but I am failed.After 3 months the MLM is closed and I feel mad,shocked and dismayed of they have done to me and to us.

SECOND EXPERIENCE OF SUPER2x7:There's a time that my close friends told me that they have joined another MLM company which is operated internationally and he recommended me to join there.They earn dollars! and I asked them about my experience that I am tired and sicked of inviting members,they replied me that they help me to find a client.So I decided to invest another Php 100.I did again I go to the local payment stores and I chat the admin for that.I am approved to join and I am now the part of there group.After 1 month I have only 1 invites and I earn just $2.50 USD but the minimum threshold is $50 for withdraw.I left and I forgot this group because I am also busy in the school and my family also I have only time to logged in on my account.In some manner,I left my account for 8 months and I noticed that there that url is incorrect almost totally blank all you can see just the error message facing on you.

Conclusion: Although I have been scammed before I turned those past be my awareness and It teach me on how to be extra-aware about bogus company.If your planning to join any MLM group you need to think twice before you do you need to check there background and there status.If you have joined just invest a little amount and not big investment.We cannot know the company's status if you directly put your money on them.


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